黑馬 Dark Horse Tee

黑馬 Dark Horse Tee


An experimental interpretation between two contrasting elements, east and west to form a balanced piece while staying functional. YKK zip and Mandarin Buttons are placed together on a staple silhouette, a t-shirt to make it slightly unusual. Wearers are able to choose whether to utilize the zip or the buttons in any way desired, adding a sense of intimacy. Pockets are added for extra carry and functionality. 


Dark Horse refers to a person who aren’t well known or aren’t expected to show result but emerges to great prominence. From afar, this tee looks almost like any tee but when you get closer, you see the details. The YKK zip, the handmade Mandarin Buttons, the pockets. It’s a piece that requires you to get intimate with it, to touch it, to put it on and to feel it.


  • YKK Quarter Zip
  • Mandarin Buttons
  • Wasit Pockets


  • Sizing Chart

    Size Shoulder Length Chest Body Length Sleeve Length
    S 17 16.5 28 9
    M 18 17.5 29 9.5
    L 19 18.5 30 10
    XL 20 19.5 31 10.5

    Unit of measurement: inches